Why Puglia?

Put simply, Puglia remains one of Italy's best-kept secrets.

Puglia enjoys the Mediterranean climate of the Mezzogiorno, the south of Italy, and has a wealth of natural, historical and cultural features to explore.



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A Tour of Trulliland  
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Ideally located in central Puglia, Alberobello is within easy reach of both the Adriatic and Ionian coasts, with their beaches and leisure facilities.

Highlights of the architecture of Puglia, the Romanesque cathedrals of Bari and the lush Baroque of Lecce are also a short trip away.

But there is also a wealth of history here, from neolithic dolmens, Graeco-Roman towns and ports, rock churches with Byzantine frescoes, Norman cathedrals and castles. The towns, large or small, all preserve a unique identity, whether it is a white village reminiscent of Greece or north Africa, or the 18th century elegance of Martina Franca.

Puglia's unique feature is the trulli, a style of domestic and rural architecture that has made the town of Alberobello a UNESCO World Heritage site. Alberobello is the capital of the trulli country, with over a thousand of these stone cone-roofed buildings in the centre of the town, and many more in the outlying rural area including the famous Valle d'Itria.

Around Alberobello the local landscape is of vineyards and olive groves, dry-stone walled fields and many reminders of the forests which gave Alberobello its name, the beautiful tree.

A journey into the Murge soon takes you into heathland, pine and mixed forest, and then the rugged limestone ravines which provide spectacular backdrops for the towns perched on their tops. Nature trails and walking opportunities are as abundant here as in the coastal area. The caves of Castellana are the best in Italy, and the White Cave amongst the most beautiful stalagmite caves in the world.

Add to all this the quality of the food and drink, the relaxed atmosphere of the south, the natural friendliness of the people, and central Puglia becomes a dream destination for the traveller or holidaymaker.