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In central Puglia you will find its most fascinating and unique feature, the land of the trulli.

A singular building style, the conical roofs of the trulli offer to the view an almost fairytale landscape. Nowhere else in the world can you see such a vista of conical dwellings topped by curious pinnacles and mystical symbols.

House-size mushrooms erupt from the roadsides.

At night a walk through the trulli capital of Alberobello offers a wonderful, almost surreal, experience.

A trullo consists of a square or round stone-built walled area topped by a beehive cone made of spirals of local stone without mortar. At the top of the cone a small whitewashed peak is topped by a stone pinnacle, in one of various traditional designs. Some trulli roofs have a whitewashed sign which has a religious, traditional or mystical significance.

The lower walls of trulli are sometimes plastered and whitewashed, sometimes left as uncovered stone. The new stone is a very appealing light whitish-golden brown. With age the stone weathers to grey. Each trullo is usually about 3 metres across, enough for one room inside.

Houses are constructed by linking internally a series of trulli. Inside, the trulli are usually divided by picturesque arches and with arched side alcoves.

The town of Alberobello has whole areas of terraced trullo houses, but in the countryside you can see single trulli used as field implement stores, or linked in twos and threes as working houses, or whole groups of trulli, either still used as part of working farmsteads, or recently restored and incorporated into luxurious new elegant homes.